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Chef Competition &
Gastronomic Experience

The American Lamb Jam is an epic chef competition and culinary experience that brings together the most talented chefs at each of the tour stops to celebrate the 80,000 family operated farms and ranches raising sheep in the U.S.Chefs compete for best lamb dish and the opportunity to go head to head against winners from across the nation at the Lamb Jam Finale for the title of Lamb Jam Master.  At each stop, the chefs are joined by winemakers, brewers, bartenders, and culinary artisans of all sorts who've come to curate an unforgettable gastronomic experience for hundreds of curious and passionate eaters on hand to eat, drink, and learn. 


Lamb Jam Tour is presented by the American Lamb Board

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There have been so many incredible moments over the years. Here are just a few of our favorites. Do you have favorite memories from Lamb Jams past? Wanna share? Send us your pics.


San Francisco - 2017

2017 Lamb Jam Master Chef Mark Stark (right) and Chef de Cuisine David Zimmerman from Bird & The Bottle accepting Best in Show trophy at 2017 San Francisco Lamb Jam.  Chef Stark went on to be crowned 2017 Lamb Jam Master at Lamb Jam Finale which took place at the Music City Food & Wine Fest.


Boston - 2016

2016 Lamb Jam Master Chef Thomas Pisha-Duffly (right) celebrating with his team from The Honey Paw in Portland, ME after his Boston Lamb Jam win. Chef Pisha-Duffly went on to win at the 2016 Lamb Jam finale at the James Beard House in NYC. He's now at Han Oak in Portland, OR.


New York - 2015

2015 Lamb Jam Master Chef Tiffani Faison (left) wrapping up service at the James Beard House with her team from Sweet Cheeks Q and Tiger Mama in Boston, MA. Minutes later, she was crowned 2015 Lamb Jam Master. 



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